Company profile

fabrics born at the confluence of quality and creativity

Escolys is a leading producer of Jacquard interior fabrics. The company owes its name, given in the year 2000, to the confluence of two rivers which have embraced our textile region for centuries: the Scheldt and the Leie – “l’Escaut et la Lys” – a symbol for the merging of quality and creativity. Wholly in line with its passion for quality fabrics, Escolys obtained ISO 9001 quality certification in 1995, and is at the fore in terms of interior textiles product development worldwide.

a passion for interior decoration

At the heart of the development of interior fabrics lies a passion for quality textiles and interior decoration. Escolys sees fabrics as a part of the overall interior. Together with furniture design and window decoration, fabrics bring the interior to life. Sometimes they lead the dance, whilst often they are applied more discreetly in a symbiosis with the whole. Escolys’ fabrics offer an answer to the constant development of interior decoration, the evolution of styles over time and the difference of tastes between regions.

source of functional creativity

Our European style heritage as well as its contemporary interpretations inspire us season after season. However, of greater importance is the functional creativity to which this inspiration leads. Next to innovative and inspirational, we also – and in particular – want to be seen as commercially attractive, and thus appealing to a broad market. In this sense, we regard our creativity as functional, for the furniture manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retail trade, and also, at the end of the day, for the consumer, thanks to flawless product quality.

quality through integrated production

Production quality is ensured by an integrated production and controlled by an ISO 9001 quality system. In this way the quality of a maximum number of production stages is guaranteed. The integrated chenille production ensures that the quality of this very important yarn can be kept perfectly under control. The product quality is assessed by accredited testing laboratories throughout Europe. Our furniture fabrics therefore always meet the comprehensive BS2543 standard.

fabrics for colourful living

Consumer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our fabrics must meet the cartoon porn consumer’s expectations in terms of durability and ease of cleaning, and should also be in perfect harmony with his entire interior. The design, technical quality, feel and colour of the interior fabrics thus contribute, in their own way, to a piece of joie de vivre. And that brings us back to the beginning of our story – the name Escolys, originating from the merging of creativity and quality, of appeal and functionality, of joie de vivre and reliability.